Chief Executive Officer: Gromadko Sergey Nikolaevich.

(Deputy of the Vitebsk Regional Council of Deputies of the 28th convocation from Bigosovo constituency No. 4)


Chief Executive Officer's address

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

Let me thank you for Your attention and intrest in our company!

I am glad to introduce our enterprise and to welkome You on our official website.

Joint Stock Company "Invet" – an enterprise, specializing in producing and selling goods made of polymeric materials for different branches and spheres of usage.

We are constantly developing, offering progressive solutions, using modern technologies. We are interested in our goods to meet the strickest requirements. We want our products to please You and Your relatives, we head for producing high-quality goods, developing new perspective products.

Nowadays there are a lot of changes in approaches to the development of home and foreign policy, but it is respect to the Partner, the desire to satisfy all the demands for the quality of goods, responsibility for the fulfilment of contracts that are invariable.

Joint Stock Company "Invet" - a reliable partner for co-operation.

  Truly yours, Chief Executive Officer
Gromadko Sergey Nikolaevich.



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