On the grean map of Belarus Bigosovo is a small point in the North-West of Vitebsk region, near the border with Latvia. Nowadays it is a administrative centre of a rural district and a large industrial centre in Verhnedvinsk district. There are 45 enterprises of various types of ownership on the territory of the rural district with the number of employeers from 1 to 400 and 2 industrial enterprises: Joint Stock Company "Invet" and a timber storehouse.

The settlement appeared in 1866 during the building of Riga-Orlov railway and till 1904 it had been Georievskaya station. The railway station has been restored recently and it is the architectural monument of the modernist style with defensive motives. One of the most memorable events in the history of the railway station is kept in the Bigosovo library: the witnesses' memoirs about the meeting of the funeral procession, when the corpse of a famous tenor Leonid Sobinov was carried from Riga to Moscow. In the course of time the village was named in honour of landowner Bigusov who lived in the estate 2 kilometres away from the station. Now it it the village Opytnaya.

In the 1930-s Bigosovo was famous for its customs. The station was frontier, engine-crews changed here, carriage checkup waas made here, passangers' passports and visas were checked. Few people know about it now. Only veterans and young pathfinders find former border marks on steep banks of the West Dvina. Nowadays a modern frontier post has been built in Bigosovo with the help of the allied budget in 2002 (2004) to protect western borders.

For many years the railway was the centre of life in Bigosovo. Parents worked in the locomotive depot, the platform was a favourite placefor young people. The station has not lost its transport significance till nowadays, but all other things has win over the plant "Zoovetinstrument" that has gained strength and become so important, that each citizen og Bigosovo is connected with the work of the Joint Stock Company "Invet".


The Joint Stock Company "Invet"

Bigosovo plant "Zoovetinstrument" was created according to the order МSH USSR of the 7th of April 1959. It was founded on the base of Drissa machine and tractor station. At first the reconstructed combine garages included: the mechanical workshop, the tagging sector, farms.

At first there were 39 workers at the plant. 8 of them were non-manual workers, 1 person had higher education.

In 1970 a full reconstruction of the plant began.

The Joint Stock Company "Invet"» had been an enterprise of the soviet submission before 1990. Its management was carried out from Moscow. After the desintegration of the USSR the plant's market narrowed considerably and the diversification of the production was organised in 1990-1996 to adapt new conditions.

If in 1991 the ration of consumer and zooveterinary goods was 1:9, in 1995 - 7:3, but in 1998 - 8:2. In spite of the diversification the enterprise managed to raise the cost of the ОПФ by 41.1%, the annual production volume by 26.9%. «Invet» as a Joint Stock Company was created in December 1993 in the result of the reorganisation of the rent enterprise (since 1990 to 1993). At that time 76.1% of shares was held by the state, 23,9% - by private persons (members of abour collectives). Nowadays the state holds 46.9% of shares, «Belarusbank» - 10%, the Joint Stock Company «The first republican investment fund» -4.5%, private persons - 31.5%.


In spite of the economic recessionin the market the Joint Stock Company "Invet" managed to increase the sakes of the consumer goods. Comparing with 1994 the sales increased in 1995 1.7 times more, in 1996 1.4 times more, in 1997 1.43 times more, in 1998 в 1,86 times more (in comparable prices).


Nowadays the nomenclature of goods produced makes up about 300 items. Annual renovations - about 20 new ones. 367 employeers work at the plant.

The Joint Stock Company "Invet" is a constant participant of the exhibitions: «Belagro» in Minsk, «Cultbythoztovary» in Minsk, «Agrogarm» in Moscow, «Golden autumn» in Moscow.



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