Joint Stock Company "Invet" is 50


June 19, 2009 
Joint Stock Company "Invet" is 50


With faith in tomorrow.

Jubilee is always an occasion for reflection on its journey, landmark, which outlines the achievements and identifies plans. This is our today's conversation with the CEO of Joint Stock Company "Invet" , S.N. Gromadko.

- Sergey Nikolaevich, it is symbolically, that the enterprice has reached such a high qualitative production level by such a date.

- Indeed, Joint Stock Company "Invet" has added significantly to the growth in production volumes for the past three years. In 2005 it was only 5.6 milliard rubles (2.3 milliard of losses), but last year it was already 18.9 milliard. During 5 months of this year the production volume has increased by 157% comparing with the same period of 2008 (in comparable prices). At the same time goods in stock do not exceed the norms. We are working at reducing the unit cost. The transference of the production to the usage of gas was positive. About 300 tons of standard coal were saved. The enterprise has a constant profit which is the evidence of its stability.


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Second Wind «Invet»


March 17, 2009 
Second Wind «Invet» 

There is a map of the USSR in the office of the Joint Stock Company «Invet» - the evidence of the former fame of the company, known earlier as the factory «Zoovetinstrument». Collars, nasal rings, tagging for farm animals, operating tables, various pliers and other products connected small Bigosovo in Verhnedvinsk district, where they were produced, with all parts of a large country. The plant somehow survived the economic recession, having lost its vast market, having reduced the production of profile goods by 5% and changing the name. When in 2004 Sergey Gromadka became Chief Executive Officer, the main products were plastic sprayers, watering cans, buckets, utensils, shelves and other consumer goods. Production suffered losses.


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The second birth the Joint Stock Company «Invet»


June 26, 2009 
The second birth the Joint Stock Company «Invet» 


Jubilee celebrations in connection with the 50th anniversary of the Joint Stock Company «Invet» became a real celebration, which brought together not only people working in the enterprise, but also veterans, standing at the beginning of the plant Zoovetpgnstrument, which was known all over the Union. The Hall met with applause its first director Ilya Yurjevych Pecherskiy, who was invited to the anniversary among the honored guests.

The stages of the plant, its present day, the people associated with its production were shown in the colourful video, created to this date. G.S. Kuzmich, V.A. Davydov, N.B. Skopich, K.I. Kislyak, R.M. Sharok, S.B. Berezovsky and other veterans have written many glorious pages in the history of the company.


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Арт-аб’екты ААТ «Інвет» – неад'емны атрыбут ландшафтнага дызайну беларускіх гарадоў

24 марта 2020, г. Витебск,  ВИТЕБСКИЕ ВЕСТИ, ТАМАРА ПАШКЕВИЧ

Прадукцыю ААТ «Інвет» можна знайсці па ўсім свеце. І гэта не перабольшанне. У прадпрыемства наладжаны пастаўкі ў дзясяткі рэгіёнаў і дзяржаў. Попыт на інветаўскія вырабы сапраўды трывалы і, як адзначыў дырэктар Сяргей Грамадка, з года ў год расце.

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